Red Rice Puffs, 300gm


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Red Rice puffs, commonly known as murmura, are roasted in sand over wood fire for a distinct earthy flavour and is commonly known as murmura. Made from a fibre rich variety of red rice, these puffs are a crunchy, delicious and healthy addition to your snack menu. The rice is sustainably grown by farmers in West Bengal.

Red rice contains high amounts of the anti-oxidant pigment anthocyanin which gives it the red color. Red rice is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals and has more bran than white and brown rice. Being rich in fibre and energy, makes these puffs good for weight management.

Uses: Use the red rice puffs on their own or mix with other rice puffs to make a healthy Indian snack like jhal muri and bhel puri. Add them to your breakfast cereal and granola or make them into healthy sweets with jaggery like laddoos or chikki.

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Weight 300 g