Bamboo Rice (400g)



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Product Description

Bamboo ‘rice’ is actually seeds of bamboo flowers collected by tribal communities in Karnataka. Hard to get, it is pungent, sweet and nutritious, with a wheat-like taste. It is richer in protein and carbohydrates than wheat and paddy rice.

Gluten free. Rich in Protein and Dietary Fibre. This calorie dense and fibre rich ‘rice’, cures kapha and pitta doshas and removes toxic substances from the body.

Uses. Use as a rice substitute by cooking 1 cup bamboo rice with 4-5 cups water. Can also be used as a wheat substitute by grinding into powder to make parathas, chillas and chapattis.

See additional information for recipes.

Additional Information

Bamboo ‘Rice’ Payasam

1 cup bamboo rice
1 coconut’s milk (approx. 6 cups)*
1 cup raw sugar
1 tbsp ghee
10 gms dry fruits (cashew, raisins, almonds)
Water as needed

Wash the rice, drain and soak in water for 30 minutes. Heat 1 tbsp of ghee in a pan, roast the dry fruits, keep aside when raisins get plump and nuts turn golden brown.

Boil half the coconut milk, add the rice and let it cook for 45 minutes. Keep adding water and some coconut milk as the rice cooks. Stir till the mixture reaches a thick consistency. Add sugar once the rice is cooked followed by the rest of the coconut milk and the dry fruits on top.

*Use coconut milk powder if fresh coconut milk is not available. Condensed milk can also be used to thicken the payasam.

Bamboo ‘Rice’ Chillas with Yogurt Filling

1 cup Bamboo Rice
1 cup yogurt
¾ cup grated vegetables (carrot, onion, cucumbers)
1 finely chopped green chilli
Fresh coriander and curry leaves
1 tsp chat masala
Ghee and salt as needed

Powder the rice into a fine powder in a regular grinder/mixie. Add salt and water to make batter that can be easily spread on a pan. Mix the vegetables in the yogurt along with the green chilli, coriander, curry leaves and chat masala and keep aside. Add ghee on the pan, take a scoop of the batter and make it into a round pancake using circular movements. Sprinkle water on the pancake as it cooks if needed to ensure it doesn’t stick. Take it off the pan once ready, add a dollop of yogurt mixture in the center and roll it up.
Enjoy as a healthy breakfast or snack.

Original Indian Table’s Bhanjeera Himalayan Rock Salt can be used instead of chat masala.